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XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black


XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding
Treadmill Black

And we are back with a review of one more tread today.
This tread is XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black.
As you remember, Best Choice Products 800W folding treadmill (sl no 7) won the lucky draw to
get reviewed first. In the same lucky draw XTERRA fitness TR150 folding treadmill was the first
runner up so it was next in the queue.
We assigned the review of the XTERRA fitness TR150 folding treadmill to one of our team
members. After he tested it for the whole one week and nodded his approval we collected all the
data from him to manifest the pros and cons of this tread for you.
But before we start, let’s get familiar.
We guys are fitness freaks and enjoy running, gymming and doing yoga. For the rest of the time, we
sit and discuss our experiences with the fitness products assigned for the week.
This means that we write our reviews after going through lots of discussions. So you can rely on our
Let’s get started with our review of the XTERRA fitness TR150 folding treadmill.
But wait…
Before we go ahead, let’s have a bite about XTERRA, the company behind this tread.

About XTERRA Fitness company

XTERRA fitness is a leading brand of cardio equipments headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Its
product line includes cardio products at the entry-level to high-performance trainers on the other
end of the spectrum. Most popular XTERRA products are treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers and
seated steppers.

Unboxing XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black

This tread is heavy. It weighs around 108 lbs and required two of our members to park at its
designated location. The deck comes completely pre-assembled like other treads and the only part
that required assembling was the arms and the console to complete the setup. The instruction
manual was detailed enough to follow along and all the accessories were provided well-packed.
Also, the customer care number was clearly mentioned for any assembling assistance.
Our team members took around 20-30 min to complete the tread set up.
We suggest avoiding any solo venture with its assembling. Be at least two persons to keep the
process comfortable and safe.

Overall Build & Quality

XTERRA fitness TR150 is having a solid steel body coated with anti-corrosive paint, which ensures
the longevity of this tread. The ABS parts used in this tread are handrail covers, motor cover andconsole dashboard. This is quite a spacious and feature-packed tread but the only color available for
this tread is black.

Specifications of XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

It won’t be wise to move this tread to your cart just because it looks impressive. Let’s crawl through
the various specifications of this tread.


XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill is 63.4”(L) x 28.75”(W) x 51.4” (H) when unfolded.
After folding its dimensions are 28.5”(L) x 28.75”(W) x 61”(H). So you need at least 63.4 x 28.75 =
1822.75 sq inches of area when you workout on this tread. But, for breathing space of this tread, we
recommend leaving at least two feet on each side. Taking dimensions into consideration this tread
fits nearby Sunny SF T4400 (sl no. 2).

On-Board Weight Capacity

This tread can accommodate 250 lbs of weight quite well. But, if you weigh beyond that, this tread
won’t suit you. I suggest finding another tread on our website. How about NordicTrack T 6.5 Si (sl
no 1)? This tread can afford upto 300 lbs.
Our team member weighs pretty less than 250 lbs and he found this tread quite steady throughout
the testing week.

Running Area

The running area of this tread is 50” x 16”. This running area is much more than what the lesser
budget Best Choice Product Treadmill (sl no 7) offers, but its running area is slightly less than
Sunny SF T7515 (sl no 2) which is in the same budget range.
Also, if you are in the taller category, your maximum strides may not fit well within the belt. Still,
for walking and jogging this tread works great.
So, if you are not overweight and your strides fit well within the given running area, this is quite a
good tread for you.


XTERRA fitness TR150 is equipped with a 2.25 HP motor. We understand that it is not a very
powerful motor but is still more powerful than Sunny SF T7515 (sl no 3) which comes in the same
price range. This means that you can not use this tread for power runnings and interval trainings.
Our team member found this tread perfect for cardio, walking and jogging which is the actual
requirement for any home tread user.If you are not planning for a marathon training and power runnings, this tread is going to be your
best fitness friend for a long time.

Speed & Inclination

Our team member is a good athlete so he took this tread to its extent several times during the testing
week. The tread neither shook during the workout nor there was any complaint of motor heating.
Starting from 0.5 mph this tread can go up to a max speed of 10 mph. There are preset buttons
available for speed from 1 to 9 on the console. You can use these buttons to directly start or switch
to a certain speed. You can also use the up/down button to increase/decrease the speed at an
increment/decrement of 0.1 mph.
The speed of this tread is better than the same price range Sunny SF T7515 (sl no 3) but it seems to
compete with the higher price segment NordicTrack T 6.5 Si (sl no 1) treadmill.
If you have an inclination addiction during the tread workouts, this tread may not be what you are
looking for. While this tread does offer an inclination feature, however, it’s a manual one. This
means that you cannot change the inclination while aboard. You need to pause your workout
session, step down the tread, change the inclination then resume your session. Also, the three
inclination levels are very basic and the max is 4.44 percent. Still, this inclination is better than the
manual inclination of Sunny SF T4400 (sl no 2). For inclination lovers, this may be a setback.

Features of XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

So far so good.
Let’s have a look at the features of the XTERRA fitness TR150 folding treadmill.


This tread is equipped with a 5” LCD display. This is large enough to easily read your stats like
time, speed, distance, calorie and pulse.


Cushioning saves your joints and back from the workout impacts. We consider cushioning as an
important feature for a tread thus a better cushioning means a better tread.
XTERRA fitness TR150 comes with special cushioning called XTRASoft cushioning. This
provides multiple points of cushioning within the belt. So you can do your workouts on this tread
without worrying about the impacts on your back, knee and ankle. Most of the impacts will be
absorbed by the XTRASoft cushioning.

Heart rate Monitor

We have practiced monitoring our heart rate regularly during workouts and suggest you the same.
It’s like your body is communicating with you. You should actually stop or take a break if the
monitor stat implict so.
To check your heart rate with XTERRA fitness TR150 all you need to do is grab the handrails and
let the sensor over there do its job. Your stat will be shown on the LCD display.


Like others, we guys also enjoy music while workouts. But none in our team is really fond of
inbuilt speakers in a tread.
Because we have our own surround system installed and like music that way only. And, apart from
that, we presume that today everyone has at least a smartphone for music. So an inbuilt speaker
should not fluctuate a tread’s ranking at least. But, if a tread has inbuilt speakers, its presence should
be well informed within the review.
XTERRA fitness TR150 doesn’t come with any inbuilt speakers and as you can assume our team
member didn’t have any problem with it.
If you have chosen this tread because of its specs, let not the absence of a speaker give you second
thoughts. You can always make an arrangement for that like we do. Your own speakers will always
do a better job.


No, this tread misses on the bluetooth as well.
For our team member, there wasn’t any issue with the absence of the bluetooth.


It’s wise to remain hydrated. We like to have health drinks at regular intervals between the
workouts. While this tread has provided some holders, none of them can fit your bottle or a shaker.
Because they are neither wide nor deep enough to fit them in
There are two small holders on each side of the console. Maybe you can put your keys or something
like that in them but not your bottles or shakers.
There is also one holder for mobile or tablet. However, a tablet will hide the LCD screen behind it.

Training Programs

XTERRA fitness T150 provides 12 preset workout programs. Depending on your pace and level,
you can choose any of the workout program from it and the tread will automatically adjust the
speed of the belt. This comes pretty helpful in case you have never done any training or workouts
on a tread before.


Along with a steady frame and a good motor, XTERRA fitness TR150 has awesome specs and quite
rich in features. You can directly go up to a speed of 9 mph with preset buttons on the console and
hop on the belt which has quite a good running area. However, with basic manual inclines, this
tread is not for incline lovers. If you are not overweight and don’t come in the taller category this
tread is a steal-deal feast for you.